Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Property Tax Inquiry

Premise Search Help

1. Do not use street name suffixes (e.g. "Avenue", "Street", "Way", etc.) or any abbreviation of street name suffixes.

2. If you think the street name is two words, but you are not finding it, try it as one word and vice-versa. For
    example "McHenry" may be found under "Mc Henry".

3. Truncate the street name if you are not finding the right property. A search on "123 Ma" would return 123 Manor
    Terrace and 123 Maryland Park Drive.

4. If you are still not finding the property, try leaving off the street number. While this may result in hundreds of
    matches, it will give you an idea of whether or not you have the street name correct. Also the official street
    number assigned to the property by the local government may not be the same as the as the number the owner uses.

5. If you have tried the above and still cannot find the correct property, contact the SDAT office in Prince George's
    County for assistance.

Prince George's County Assessment Office